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Le Sallay International Academy

A unique concept

Le Sallay International Academy aims at providing quality education for children aged 10 to 14 whose place of residence offers no schools of academic excellence. So far, the parents had only two options in such cases: sending their children to a boarding school or home schooling. Each of these has its drawbacks. Therefore, Le Sallay International Academy now offers a new solution that combines the best of these two options while minimizing the disadvantages. The solution is as follows: during each term, children spend 3-4 weeks studying together in a European country; the remaining 6-8 weeks, they learn from home using modern online education technologies. Their healthy socialization is overseen by psychologists.

This allows the Academy to combine the advantages of both approaches:
  • studying with the best teachers from around the world (as with top boarding schools)
  • preserving a normal family life (as with home schooling)

Who is Le Sallay International Academy for?

Le Sallay International Academy primarily targets parents who would like to give their children a quality education in English, but do not want to part with them by sending them to a Swiss or British boarding school. The children of expats are also part of our target group: international professionals often change their country of residence every one or two years; our school could be a constant in these children’s lives. And, finally, we are happy to help children with psychological and learning difficulties, who often find themselves unhappy at ordinary schools and boarding schools. At Le Sallay International Academy, classes are conducted in small groups, and our teachers know how to help such children. Psychologists, including those specializing in children with different special needs, are also part of our team.


The team and the program

The founders of Le Sallay International Academy have been conducting educational camps in Europe for many years. The teaching of science and mathematics is based on approaches that have been used successfully for dozens of years in Russia, China and South Korea, and have gained popularity in the US under the Russian School of Mathematics brand (an article in The Atlantic studies the phenomenon in detail). The Department of Humanities is headed by Matthew McConnell, who holds a PhD from Cornell University. The teachers of literature, history and art are graduates of prestigious American and British universities with many years of teaching experience. The Academy also attracts star visitor lecturers for the live study sessions.

Exams and certificates

At the moment, our school is not certified for most of our students’ home countries. Thus, from the legal point of view, most of our students are considered to be home-schooled. In accordance with the requirements of students’ home countries, additional classes in their native language and national literature and history may be included. We prepare our pupils for the necessary national examinations, and also, at the students’ and parents’ choice, for the admission to high schools in the US or UK. Additional preparatory courses for these exams may be conducted in the final year.

Costs and conditions

A year of studies at Le Sallay International Academy costs 40 thousand euro (as of the academic year 2019-2020). We are happy to offer a 10% commission to agencies and consultants who help us attract new clients. More information about Le Sallay International Academy can be found on our website or in a special presentation 


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